Team Principal: Bob Johnson (Center) along with other distinguished GTP team owners.

Gary Nelson

Team Manager

Iain Watt

Technical Director

Chris Mitchum

Director of Race Team Operations

Peter Baron

Race Strategist

Bill Keuler

Crew Chief

Brian Hay

Shop Foreman

John Smith "Smitty"

Car Chief

Tom Walker


Christian PaHud

Rear Mechanic

Saul Perez

Rear Mechanic

Jared Williamson

Interior Mechanic

Chris Funderburk "T-Bird"

Body Department Manager

Chris Long

Composites Tech

Michael Rompf

Logistics Supervisor

Stuart Taylor

DAG - Electrical

Oscar Zelaya

Systems Engineer

John Urbina

Engineering Assistant

Andrew Taylor


Nathaniel Boone

IT Engineer

John Poole

IT Consultant

Mark Milihram

Transportation Manager

Johnny Etheridge

Mechanic / Composites

Mike Morgan

Mechanic / Tires

Justin Lages

Transportation Driver / Fuel Chief

Eric Rang

Transportation Driver / Hospitality


Pit Stop Duties